The Michigan school district has decided to cancel all activities for Halloween and Valentine’s Day, so as not to hurt the feelings of children whose parents do not want them to participate.

#Roommates, Halloween and Valentine’s Day are known as two of the funniest days for kids at school, but a school district in Detroit, Michigan feels different and has taken a bold step to prove its position. According to reports, Michigan’s East Lansing public schools have decided to permanently cancel all Halloween and Valentine’s Day celebrations to save certain children from emotional injury.

@NYPost reports that public schools in East Lansing, Michigan, have just made a decision that is likely to disappoint many children in an attempt to apparently protect others. In a recent announcement, the school district decided to permanently cancel all activities for Halloween and Valentine’s Day due to fears of hurting the feelings of children whose families do not want them to participate. The decision is also based on fears of being “inclusive” and “fair” to all students. Administrators describe the cancellation in detail in a letter to parents. “Every year, along with the fun of Halloween parties and parades, we have students whose families do not celebrate or feel comfortable with their children participating in the Halloween holidays. We have young children who are overwhelmed and sometimes afraid of costumes, and others who come to school without any costumes, “the letter said.

Similar concerns include Valentine’s Day, with school administrators saying that some families “Don’t feel comfortable with the idea of ​​boys and girls exchanging valentines or participating in a holiday focused on love.” While some students wear Valentines for exchange, others do not. In our upper classrooms, the exchange of valentines sometimes leads to drama and jokes in the classroom. “

Assistant Superintendent Glenn Mitchum said that although Halloween and Valentine’s Day will not be celebrated at the school in the traditional sense, the holidays can still be included in the school curriculum.

This inclusion may include lessons such as measuring a pumpkin to learn about its circumference.

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