What It Really Means To Be A Cancer Rising + How To Thrive

Cancer risings are sensitive, sentimental, and highly attuned to the moon. According to astrologer Kayse Budd, MD, they also happen to be some of the moodiest (and most intuitive) people around, because their ruling planet is the moon—which, of course, changes signs roughly every 2.5 days.

“The sign of the current or transiting moon dictates the quality of a Cancer rising person’s day,” Budd tells mindbodygreen. For instance, they’ll feel more generous on Leo moon days, more chatty during Gemini moon days, and more emotional during Pisces moon days, she explains.

Your rising sign also influences your appearance, with Cancer rising’s faces tending to mimic the moon. “They often have a sort of luminous glow to their appearance, especially in the face. Some of them have a rounded face, like the moon, with shining eyes,” Budd adds.

In terms of their strengths, Cancer risings are extremely compassionate, loving, caring, and gentle. Cancer represents the archetypal mother in astrology, so these people have an inclination towards nurturing, supporting others, and being kind. “They’re usually a good cook and excellent at creating a homey environment with a sense of comfort and value,” Budd notes, adding they also typically have great memories and enjoy history.

In terms of their weaknesses, however, they can tend to live in the past. Budd tells mindbodygreen they might have a hard time letting go of old loves, heartache, what could have been, etc. “They take things super personally. They feel exposed and vulnerable easily and have a low threshold for feeling like something they said was an ‘overshare,'” she adds.

Cancer risings can also become quite attached to people, places, and things, according to Budd, who notes they have strong homebody tendencies, which isn’t necessarily a weakness, unless they get too isolated.

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