Netflix reportedly fires employee who leaked inside information about Dave Chapelle’s show to the press

Netflix has once again grabbed media headlines for another update in response to Dave Chapelle’s show “Closer.” According to The Verge, the company fired the employee in charge of organizing the walk on October 20. However, the reason for the termination is not the protest, but the alleged leakage of confidential data of the company.

“We have released an employee to share confidential, commercially sensitive information outside the company,” a Netflix spokesman told The Verge. “We understand that this employee may have been motivated by frustration and injury with Netflix, but maintaining a culture of trust and transparency is at the heart of our company.”

Who will Netflix fire?

The former employee asked to remain anonymous for fear of online harassment. However, the reports describe the person as a black man, currently pregnant, and the leader of the group of resources for trans employees on Netflix.

Netflix fired the employee due to leaked internal indicators that appeared in the press. More specifically, Bloomberg recently announced the 10 million people who have joined Dave’s show since it first dropped.

The media also reported that Netflix had cashed in to broadcast The Closer. The company slightly increased the budget of $ 23.6 million spent on Dave’s latest special program, Sticks & Stones. Instead, they spent $ 24.1 million on the latest version. The number is staggering compared to the $ 3.9 million set aside for special comedian Bo Burnham “Inside.”

The fired person claims that he admitted that he shared the indicators internally. It is unclear whether there was any confession to the press. Instead, reports say the employee actually spoke out against leaks in an attempt to protect exit traffic.

Netflix sticks to Dave Chapelle

Netflix has already publicly backed Dave’s work. However, it seems that the employees are not giving up. Netflix recently reinstated three employees it had previously fired over the collapse of a summit in protest of the special.

Even with the growing response, Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos did not back down from supporting Dave’s work. He defended adults from being able to watch whatever they wanted in a second long note.

“We know some of you are left angry, frustrated and hurt by our decision to launch Dave Chapelle’s latest special program on Netflix,” Ted said. “Adults can watch violence, assault and abuse – or enjoy a shocking stand-up comedy – without harming others.”

Dave Chapelle, meanwhile, went on with his business with little to say.

“If that’s the thing that’s canceled, I love it,” Dave said recently.

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