“F * ck Around And Find Out”: LeVar Burton erupts rude journalist over “Jeopardy!” Tweets | Celebrities

Earlier this week, Take Burton announced it was taking its name out of the hat of potential host candidates Danger! after the show’s executive producer Mike Richards was forced to quit his job after conflicting comments. Many believe that the concert should go to the first Rainbow reading a host who was a guest host on the program earlier this year and openly expressed an interest in the work before White’s announcement.

However, Los Angeles Times journalist Steve Battalio he seems to believe that Burton’s last statement that he got out of the run was frantic. Battalio speculated on Twitter that if Burton was proposed Danger! hosting work, he would take it “in an instant.”

Although Burton was not tagged in Battalio’s tweet, he still found it and gave a direct answer:

In response to Burton Battalion, he turned quickly, tweeting, “Okay! I believe you. I hope you land something very big, very soon. Excuse me all. Batallo then advised everyone watching the stock market from the sidelines to “continue”, to which Burton replied: not so fast.

“No, Stephen … you don’t have a pass,” Burton tweeted. – You made wrong assumptions about me and made them public. Throughout this ordeal, I did my best to take the high road, despite the amount of vitriol and bile that some people thought it necessary to publish in my timeline. “

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After another journalist, Staci D. Kramer, posted back and forth between Burton and Battalio on social media, the Emmy-winning actor shared a cheerful response:

In addition, Burton said that he had a “perspective” for the whole ordeal, which he chose to remain silent about at the moment, and that all this could come out in future memoirs. But one thing is for sure: he will not be the next permanent host of Danger!.

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