Joyner Lucas claims Karen civilly stole 60,000 from him, Karen replies

Rapper Joyner Lucas turned to social media to blow up Karen Civil, claiming that she had accepted $ 60,000 for consulting work and had never done so. In a series of tweets, Joyner says he has been waiting years to talk about the situation.

Joyner said his son “was on his way” when the alleged theft occurred in 2015. The rapper claims that Karen’s approach to him has changed after he provided the money.

“I was desperate for help and you knew it,” Joyner wrote on Twitter. “After you were paid, you became a ghost and did not expect to jump out. Here I am.”

Along with this tweet, he shared “brand management” documents detailing the scope of work, content and marketing initiatives, analyzes and notes on transactions. Joyner then went on to provide information about the alleged interactions that occurred.

“After you received the money in advance, you stopped answering my calls, and every time I hit you, you answered the phone with an attitude as if I were confusing your day,” Joyner wrote. “I sent you strong messages asking you to do your job because my back was against the wall. You took advantage. “

Joyner then admitted that he had not spoken before because he “did not want to be blackmailed” at the beginning of his career. When Camron called Karen on Twitter a few years ago, Joyner saw his opportunity. Joyner then claims that Karen tried to make him apologize publicly. He shared an exchange of text threads between Karen and his business partner.

His claims do not end there. Joyner also accuses Karen of harsh comments about her call and the shooting of a white boy.

Following Joyner’s extensive comment, Karen Civil provided an exclusive statement to The Shade Room. She denied it that she had stolen money from him, saying that “all the contracting parties” had been paid on his behalf by the budget. She also addressed several allegations he made, including writing a public apology for Joyner to issue.

“His manger called me to rectify the situation after Joyner made his first allegations in which I said we could discuss with pleasure after a public apology, as he uses the same platform to lie about money taken from him,” he wrote. Karen. “I only recorded the conversation for future circumstances like this.”

Karen also said she and Joyner spoke with Charlamagne this morning. She claims that they agreed to talk on the phone, but instead Joyner chose social media.

“Nothing was stolen or taken from you,” Karen wrote. “Unfortunately, some artists have the impression that they have access to you around the clock.”

See the full exchange and statement below:

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