Chloe Bailey says licking the microphone during her VMA performance was not planned

Chloe Bailey undoubtedly put social media at a dead end earlier this year. By the time Halle Bailey shot a live Disney action movie The Little Mermaid in Europe, Chloe had grown into her own. Along with some tweaks to her social media presence, Chloe announced an upcoming solo album and debut performance at the MTV Video Music Awards 2021. Nearly a week ago, Chloe took the stage and grabbed souls with her notes, dance moves and sultry energy.

Now the very talented star has revealed how deeply she was concentrated during her first public performance of Spare.

“I swear I didn’t even know I was licking the microphone while watching the performance back,” Chloe tweeted on Friday.

For those of you who missed it, Chloe decorated the VMA stage for about four minutes. Dressed in bright pink bodysuits and boots, Chloe was stunned as she dived, spun, leaned, jumped, and slipped across the stage among dancers and women. No rhythm or note was missed.

Towards the end of the performance, Chloe threw herself on the floor of the stage. While she was still singing, she turned her back to her stomach and gave the floor a few dry humps. Then she looked up and gave her microphone a full lick as the network camera approached her face.

See the very moment of two seconds:

As discussed earlier, the news of Chloe’s solo career didn’t make much of a fuss. With Halle away, Chloe brought a grown-up and sexy remake to her Instagram posts, including curvy outfits and soothing remixes of songs.

She even went viral with solo performances, such as Nima Simon’s “Feeling Good” on ABC’s June special. Between the changes in social media and individual reservations, fans had already begun to speculate on what Chloe later confirmed.

“My sister went to London to make her film in seven or eight months and it was so hard to be without her,” Chloe told Billboard in an interview in August. “That’s when I started creating my project. I found my confidence – for example, “Okay, you can do this now.” I always have my sister’s support and she will always have mine, no matter what we do together or separately. “

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