Niecy Nash flips the script for a daughter during the TikTok scholarship sticker

Chile, at this point, TikTok’s challenges and jokes appear like weeds in an abandoned backyard. The last joke in the spotlight involves a little lying and a lot of courage. Hollywood actress Nissi Nash recently showed her daughter Daya Nash what happens when your mother is two steps away from stupidity.

The scholarship

If our elders have taught us something, then telling stories is unacceptable. And that’s exactly what the scholarship joke requires. TikTok users turn to their parents or grandparents for help with thousands of scholarships. This is usually a college scholarship.

The joke begins with the parent or grandparent sitting next to the scholarship applicant. The candidate usually introduces himself and describes his inspiration or life difficulties. In the middle of these descriptions, the candidate tells a scandalous lie, usually involving prostitution.

Reactions are far from predictable. Some parents and grandparents drive it, even supplementing the lie, in the hope of helping their baby. Others turn to this way of thinking “without telling stories” and immediately get up and most often swear.

Dia Nash tries her hand

Daya recently tried her mother’s viral joke. She can be seen from the camera in what looks like a closet, because Neisse is dealing with a wall of heels in the background.

Daya began filming, introducing herself, her mother and their hometown of Los Angeles, California.

“Basically, only when she grew up did my mother really have to work hard,” says Daya, while Nissi continues to organize behind her. “And she really prostitutes a lot.”

Almost immediately, Nissi’s head rises and she looks at Daya’s phone. Meanwhile, Daya tries to keep up with the moment by looking back at her mother twice.

“Yes, she was actually … the ones walking,” Daya says.

And the script is reversed …

Niecy doesn’t fail to answer, “But how do you know who told you that, your father told you that.” Based on Niecy’s convincing facial expressions, Dia falls into a playful ball.

“That’s not funny,” Daya replied in a solemn tone. Niecy continues with the words “because I’m on …”

Daya, already scarred, jumps between shouting for Dad and frowning at Mom and tries to convince her that “this is a joke.”

“Listen, play with your mother – don’t play with me,” Nissi wrote about the video in her Instagram post. “Wait. I’m my mother.” You are being punished. Go on. “

Welp, I guess Daya won’t bring these jokes to Nisi’s doorstep anymore! Catch the fun interaction below:

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