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Looks like Real hosts from Potomac stars Gisele Bryant, and Karen Huger they slowly reach a truce with the help of a newcomer Mia Thornton.

On Sunday (September 12) episode of RHOP, Bryant and Huger attended a goddess-themed lunch for all Thornton hosts. At one point during dinner, the 36-year-old asked everyone at the table to go around and say one thing they love about each other, People reports.

For Bryant, she refused to take part in the exercise while still turning to Huger Wendy Osefo.

“Well, everyone here knows Karen, and I’m not in a good place, so I have nothing good to say,” she said. “Wendy, we obviously haven’t talked, you’re obviously still angry … I haven’t heard from you.” ”

Quickly forward to the roundtable discussion after things got a little heated between the other teammates. Mia reminded everyone present that “this is the place of healing.”

Thornton’s comment struck a chord between Bryant and Huger, who tried to overcome some of their past problems, including statements Huger made about Bryant’s relationship with her ex-husband Jamal and rumors of infidelity.

Bryant soon opened up to Huger about how her comments affected her family.

“You went to the diatribe as far as Jamal is concerned. And yes, my children happen to be his and therefore it hurt me and my children a lot,” she said.

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Karen then apologized after a few additional comments between them Candias Dillard.

“Unfortunately, Giselle and I are not able to talk to each other, but for my part, if she hurts her children, I’m sorry,” Huger replied.

“Who are you sorry for? Because she’s not looking at me. If you want to apologize, apologize to me,” Bryant said. “Sorry for my black a **”

“Hold on. If that’s what you want and it’s for your kids: I’m sorry,” Karen said.

“To whom?” Giselle asked Karen, who said, “Your children and you.”

“Okay, this is the first time she’s apologized to me,” Giselle said, followed by loud applause at the table.

“I apologize for that. I don’t get involved in people’s families,” Karen said, adding in her confession, “I love children. And if she says her children hurt, they deserve that grace, and that makes me a better person than Giselle: I can be compassionate. ”

There appears to have been a reset between the two.

The Real hosts from Potomac airs on Sunday at 20:00 ET on Bravo.


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