Best Bodybuilding Meal Delivery Services, Expert Reviewed


Some meal delivery services can be pretty rigid: They put together a meal plan and leave little up to choice or preference. Flex Pro Meals gives you the power to design your own menu, without having to cook anything yourself.

First, you’ll choose between a low-calorie, “fat-trimmer” program, or a high-protein, “lean muscle” plan. From there, you’ll select regular or large portion sizes. Next, you build your box using high-protein, keto, and low-carb meals. You can also sort by allergens and specific dietary preferences, such as beef-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, and pork-free. If you’re not on a super strict diet, you can opt for a “customer favorites” plan, and Flex Pro Meals will curate your box based on what’s most popular.

You can choose from seven to 21 meals per box, and you have the option to add high-protein snacks, such as peanut butter bites (for an additional fee). Boxes ship weekly or every other week, depending on your preference.

If you don’t want pre-portioned meals, you can opt for a meal prep box instead. You’ll have the option to choose from various pre-cooked proteins (eg sous vide chicken and prime rib), carbs (eg Mexican rice and garlic mash), and veggies (eg Hibachi veg and toasted garlic broccoli). With these selections, you can put together your own meals based on your preferences and macro goals. Each item comes with two servings, so you can enjoy your meal with someone else or get even more of a head start on meal prepping. The only requirement when ordering this way is that you spend at least $85.

Two example meals:

Santa Fe Skillet

Cowboy Stew

Sustainability & quality:

Flex Pro Meals doesn’t offer much information about food quality or sustainability on its website. However, after chatting with customer service we learned that the company does not use any organic ingredients, but does source its ingredients from manufacturers within the United States. The packaging is recyclable.


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