Are AE888 reviews reputable?

The house AE888 is one of the bookies that many players are interested in today. Join us for a detailed assessment of the reputable AE888 along with the advantages and disadvantages of this bookie.

Currently, the online betting market in Vietnam is more and more exciting with the presence of many big bookmakers such as Go88, Kubet… To survive in the fiercely competitive betting industry, bookmakers must ensure their credibility. quality and give players the best experience. In this article, we help you learn about AE888 along with evaluating whether the AE888 house is reputable or cheating players.

What is AE888?
AE888 is also known as Venus Casino, AE3888 or AE6888. This is an online bookmaker headquartered in Bavet, Cambodia and officially licensed by the Government of Costa Rica.

Venus Casino is one of the most prestigious casinos in Cambodia with many popular betting games. AE888 is a bookie developed based on the model of this famous casino with a history of more than 10 years in the betting industry.

AE888 – Venus Casino is a famous bookie based in Cambodia.

This is a leading online entertainment business in Asia that provides players with diverse betting platforms with many options such as sports betting, online casino, online cockfighting, slot games, lotteries, online lotto….
Officially present in Vietnam market since 2018 with website, this bookie quickly attracts a large number of players. At the same time, it is a bookie that is highly appreciated by many players for its quality of service and increasingly perfect betting products. This bookie also has branches operating in Vietnam to help players conveniently play.

Popular betting products at the AE888 bookie

When it comes to AE888, longtime players often rate this as one of the entertainment paradises for bettors because of the rich and diverse number of games. Besides, betting products are regularly updated to bring comfortable choices for players. Join us to discover the latest betting products available at the online bookie AE888.

Sports betting AE888
Football betting and sports betting is always the first betting product that every bookmaker must have. At the house AE888 – Venus Casino, players can participate in sports betting or AE888 football betting quickly and conveniently with many leading regional and international tournaments. Players can bet on English Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Euro, World cup or Vietnamese football.

Betting on football sports with prestigious odds at AE888.

Currently, AE888 is cooperating with 4 major sports betting partners to provide Asian, European or Over/Under bets to players, which are CMD368, UG United Gaming, SABA Sports and SBOBET. Besides AE888 live football, players can also bet on many other sports such as basketball, volleyball, tennis, badminton,….

Online Casino AE888
A main strength of this leading Asian bookmaker is that AE888 casino allows players to play and bet with many quality online casino games. Players can participate in popular card games or casinos such as Baccarat, Poker, Roulette, Big Sic, Three Cards, Blackjack, Bau Cua Shrimp Fish, Dragon Tiger or many other games.

Play casino games at the famous AE888 house.

Online casino at AE888 Casino is currently provided by 6 famous casinos in the world which are SA Gaming, VENUS CASINO, AESexy, WM Gaming, BBin Gaming along with Microgaming. These are the most prestigious and prestigious online casinos in the world with beautifully designed game interfaces.
The casinos have real Dealers who give players the same experience as in the luxury casinos in the world. Along with that is the best payout ratio for participating players.

Online cockfight AE888
As a bookie originating from Cambodia, AE888 also offers players another interesting betting product that is online cockfight with two main betting halls, SV388 and S128. This is a special point compared to bookies from Europe.

Online cockfighting betting is hot at the online bookie AE888.

Players can bet on online cockfights with many genres such as Thomo Cambodia cockfight, Peruvian cockfight, Filipino cockfight, iron cockfight, bamboo cockfight, or cock-and-roll cockfight. The matches have professional commentators and the best odds for players with the most famous cockfighting tournaments in the world.

Lottery – Lottery AE888
For longtime betting players at bookies, it is impossible to ignore another famous betting product that is the lottery, online lotteries at the house AE888 – AE3888. Here, players can bet on the lottery, the North – Central – South three lotteries of Vietnam along with the 30-second Lottery, the 5-minute Lottery.

Play convenient online lottery 1 to 99 at AE888.

The highlight of this house is that it gives players the odds of up to 1 to 99 much higher than the traditional lottery and lotteries. This helps players get the best profit when playing bets.

E-Sports AE888
Currently, the form of eSports (Esports) is more and more known to many players. Therefore, the house offers players more eSports bets with a variety of games. Players can participate in the experience of betting on famous Esports games with famous global tournaments such as League of Legends, Fortnite, FIFA, Dota 2, CrossFire, CSGO, AOV, Rainbow 6, …
Along with that, AE888 Club also provides players with other games such as shooting fish to exchange rewards or Slot games. These games are highly entertaining and help players make quick money when participating in the game.

Detailed assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of AE888
One of the concerns of many players when participating in betting at AE888 or AE688 is whether this house is reputable. Below we help you quickly assess the advantages and disadvantages of this famous bookmaker.

Evaluate whether the AE888 bookie is reputable.

Advantages of AE888 bookie
● Legal operating license issued by the Government of Costa Rica.
● Outstanding dealer interface convenient for players.
● Wide range of famous games and betting products.
● High odds along with a variety of betting forms.
● There are more cockfighting products for players who love cockfighting.
● Diverse deposit and withdrawal methods, fast deposit and withdrawal transaction time.
● Enthusiastic customer care and also have branches operating in Vietnam.
● Absolutely confidential player information, safe when participating in betting
● There is also a mobile downloadable AE888 app for players.

Disadvantages of AE888 bookie
● Promotion is not much compared to other bookies.
● Sometimes the website is blocked by the network operator and cannot be accessed.

Is AE888 a scam?
The house AE888 – Venus Casino – AE6888 is considered as a famous house in the online betting market. However, there are currently some rumors related to AE888 cheating players, making many players bewildered.
So is AE888 a scam? In fact, there is no evidence that this bookie cheats players. This information only comes from a few individuals who post on betting communities. It may be because competitors play bad or losers bet information.

Does AE888 scam players as rumored?

Therefore, you need to be alert to these unverified information. Because if the AE888 house is a scam, it cannot exist in the Vietnamese market for many years and has a large number of players today. This is completely false information with the main purpose of drowning AE888.

How to register and log in AE888
To register for AE888 or log in to your account at the bookie, you can follow the simple steps below on your computer or phone.
Step 1 – Access the bookie website with unblocked AE888 links.
Step 2 – Click the Sign Up button displayed at the top corner of the screen.
Step 3 – Enter the account registration information (Username, Password, Full name, Phone number, Zalo) then check the box I am 18 years old or older.
Step 4 – Check the information and then press the Register Now button to complete AE888 account registration.
Step 5 – Log in to AE888 with a successfully registered account and participate in betting at the house.

Register an account quickly at AE888 website.

The AE888 house is really one of the bookies that players should join to play. This bookie is increasingly showing outstanding advantages in the online betting market in Vietnam.
Hopefully our above article can help you understand specifically what AE888 is along with the advantages and disadvantages of this bookie. At the same time, answering the question of whether the AE888 scam is true or not helps you choose whether to join the game here.

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