A woman testifies that Gislane Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein started harassing her at the age of 14 and Maxwell “instructed” her how to give Epstein massages.

On Tuesday, a woman nicknamed “Jane” testified that Jeffrey Epstein and Gislane Maxwell began sexually abusing her at the age of 14.

While on the stand, Jane said she met Epstein and Maxwell in 1994 while eating ice cream at a camp where he was a “benefactor,” CNN reported.

Jane also testified that after meeting with the trustee and the businessman at the camp, she and her mother drank tea with Epstein, where it was established that he would be her mentor. Soon after, the 14-year-old would visit Epstein at his home alone.

At the beginning, Jane said that Maxwell and Epstein “made her feel special – to spend time with her, to ask about her family and interests and to make her do fun things.”

As we shared more details, the nature of the testimony became a little clearer with more shocking revelations.

Jane testified, “At least once, Maxwell” instructed “her how Epstein liked to massage him while the three were in Epstein’s” massage room. “

Jane also testified that Epstein would “masturbate” on her. “Sometimes Epstein masturbated and harassed her,” she said. Maxwell sometimes got involved, touching her and Epstein.

Witness testimony also revealed that Epstein took Jane to Florida to meet with Donald Trump when she was 14. Jane “did not allege any misconduct by Trump when she met him in his Mar-a-Lago resort ”.

As you may know, “Maxwell was accused in July 2020 of luring and conspiracy to lure minors to travel to engage in illegal sexual activity, transport and conspiracy to transport minors with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity for alleged haircuts and recruitment of underage girls from 1994 to 1997

Two allegations of sexual trafficking were added after it was alleged that Maxwell had an affair with a 14-year-old girl on several different occasions in Palm Beach, Florida.

As for Epstein, he committed suicide in 2019.

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