Famous couples whose long relationships ended in short marriages

“I’ve been with Jim for years and people didn’t realize it – everyone thinks the marriage was just short, but we’ve been together for a long time,” Holly said on the Canadian Channel. George Strombulopoulos tonight in 2013.

It is true that George’s family name feels a little longer than that Dumb and dumb A 10-month marriage to Kostars. And on paper, you wouldn’t expect years: the film came out in 1994, Kerry’s first marriage officially ended in 1995, and then he married Holly in 1996. Sounds pretty whirlwind.

But movies are not made days before they come out, and divorce can take some time, in this case at least two years. (I sympathize with Melissa, but they were completely separated when Jim and I met, Holly said. Rolling stone in 1995, Kerry said of her ex: “She’s lucky to be out of my life. I’m in another time zone at the moment. I was there when we were together, so everything is fine. Everything is fine. That’s the way it should be. “)

“It was kind of when all the tabloids started happening,” Holly recalls of the climate in which their relationship flared up and fell apart. “They start finding their voice and these” internal “shows and go to my high school and everything else. And at first it was kind of fun, and then our whole life became “we have to keep them,” because they would do things like pull out the fence of our house and live in our backyard and take pictures through our window. “

George asked if they had ever thrown strange things in the trash to find reporters just to fuck with them.

“Yes, because I lived with Jim Carrey,” Holly said with a smile. “Be sure it happened and … yes.”

But “when we got divorced, I had some really hard times,” she admitted, “because no one really had a true story or anything, and I always felt like all I knew my personal business – not to mention the fact that I had a heart attack … So now I see the change when people become famous by courting that attention, and that’s the only thing they’re known for. “

The talented people she has always admired, Holly added, “are not part of it.”

And we know that Kerry’s view of fame has only become more complicated over the years.

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