This huge $ 35 coat has 12,500+ five-star reviews on Amazon

This is such a nice jacket, no wonder Amazon buyers are obsessed with it. Just take a look at some of the reviews.

“This is the perfect oversized jacket for this style. A must have. I’ve tried tons of jackets in the store like this and none fit as well. I highly recommend it. Comfortable, no weird stitches or labels. The green color is true to the olive looks and doesn’t look at all cheap. I feel like I’m being hugged. It’s worth every penny! “

“Anyone reading reviews should just buy this jacket now. It’s literally the softest thing I’ve ever worn. Yes, it’s oversized, but the measurements the company gives in the description are pretty accurate. Just a little more. big than expected. I ordered the color of the coffee and it’s the perfect color for fall – I’m even discussing a second color now. I sent the link to five or six friends who asked for it. “

“Surprisingly good. In my experience, buying clothes from Amazon is a super hit or a pass. It’s a big hit! It’s super soft and cozy, and the fit is good. It’s spacious, but not huge. I love how tight it is and I wear it all the time. I highly recommend it! “

“I love this jacket! It will be my winter coat just for running around, shopping and ordering. It’s so soft and cozy. It looks well done and I’m in love with it. I increased the size because I wanted it to be skinny and it’s perfect “It looks great with boots too. Sometimes you have to take risks and I’m so happy I did it. It’s a really beautiful coat!”

“I thought it was time to review this jacket, given that I had just placed my second order for another color a year later. It’s literally hard for me to convince myself to wear another jacket besides. Extremely large, but not huge. It’s so warm and comfortable, but it looks cute for going out, going to work, wearing training clothes, literally everything. I live in San Francisco, so it’s the perfect nightgown all year round. Buy this jacket. ”

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