Stephen A. Smith hits Kyrie Irving after news that he will not be allowed to play basketball due to vaccine status

Roommates, during the last episode of “First Take,” Stephen A. Smith said nothing when he turned to the latest news that Kyrie Irving would not be allowed to “play or train” with her team, the Brooklyn Nets, because he has not been vaccinated.

Many have expressed their opinion on the news that Kyrie Irving will not be allowed to participate in any quality with the Brooklyn Networks, as he has not been vaccinated – but no one has expressed his opinion as viciously as sports analyst Stephen A. Smith. As he discussed the news, he absolutely unleashed Kyrie’s decision to vaccinate.

He said the following during the “First Receivable”:

“Let me make that clear.” So you have no problem taking the vaccine? Your position is that you will sit there and compromise the championship aspirations of the organization you have signed to represent – persuading Kevin Durant to join, to play a role in forcing James Harden to sign to represent? Will you compromise all this because you want to give a voice to the voiceless? Really?

And how will that work for you, Kyrie Irving? You’re going to disappear from the game of basketball, who the hell is going to care what you have to say when you prove you can’t even trust yourself enough to do your damn job? Work for which you have volunteered.

…. I don’t call Kyrie Irving a fool. Carrie Irving, I believe he is an intelligent brother whose heart is in the right place. But now you’ve regressed to an anxious level of self-confidence, it not only makes you look hypocritical and incredulous, but it also makes you look what I know you’re not, which is downright stupid. “

As previously reported, Brooklyn Nets general manager Sean Marx recently said that star player Kyrie Irving “will not play or train with the team until he is eligible to be a full member.”

This follows various reports of Kyrie’s hesitation to get vaccinated and the problems she has caused for his teammates and the NBA. In a statement from the Nets, the team decided that Kyrie would not be allowed to play part-time and would be welcome to return after meeting the vaccine mandates in New York.

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