SF offers cash incentives of up to $ 100K for information on car theft

Cities in the United States always offer new policies to fight crime, especially in big cities like Philadelphia, Atlanta and San Francisco. Residents and visitors have been the victims of thefts of their vehicles in the Gulf region of San Francisco, Auckland and beyond. To reduce crime in San Francisco, the mayor of London Breed announced an opportunity for residents to earn big money by offering valuable information to the perpetrators.

According to Kron4, the city announced today that it offers a cash reward system of up to $ 100,000 for people who provide accurate information, pending the arrest and conviction of those involved in car burglary. Mayor Breed said in a statement: “Frequent car thefts in San Francisco are not crimes without victims. They have real financial and emotional consequences for the victims. “Mayor Breed said the breakthroughs hurt SF residents, especially working families who don’t have the time or money to deal with the consequences. Also visitors whose experience is tarnished by an otherwise positive experience.

TSR spoke exclusively with Rico Alamsyah, who shared a video on TikTok about breakthroughs in the city that went viral. Rico told us, “I live in San Francisco. I know that [bulgaries] it happens in many places, but here it just gets funny, especially during a pandemic. My car itself crashed twice during the pandemic. “Rico went on to explain that the breakthroughs were disappointing and that he had seen many people make signs asking people not to break into their cars, which he said was a great idea to share in his TikTok.” I never thought my video “It’s going to be viral like this. I’m very happy to share it with so many people,” he said.

Reports say vehicle break-ins peaked this year in 566 incidents across the city for the week ending July 4, according to Compstat data from the San Francisco Police Department. Mayor Breed is working to reduce the number by expanding police patrols in the high-traffic business, which has led to a 37% drop in thefts. She also hired 26 additional police officers to patrol by bicycle and on foot to monitor heavily populated tourist destinations, such as Fisherman’s Wharf. So far, a total of 358 automatic burglaries have occurred in SF for the week ending October 17, according to the latest data from the city.

Residents appear to support Mayor Breed’s new anti-burglary system. More than $ 225,000 is currently raised far for the cause. Rooms, do you think other cities should implement this system?

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