Reviews Of mindbodygreen’s dry body oil + Skin Benefits

We, too, encourage using it after the shower to help trap moisture in the skin. You can also use it before and after a rinse, which is a concept called shower sandwiching.

“All ‘shower sandwiching’ entails is applying body oil before and after the shower—so you’re essentially sandwiching your skin between those rich, nourishing fatty acids,” wrote mbg beauty editor Jamie Schneider. “You see, scalding your skin with hot water can render your complexion dry and ashy, as the steamy temperature can strip the precious natural oils from your skin. By massaging in a body oil pre-rinse, your skin can better hold on to moisture and keep the water from drying out.”

You can also use the multi-tasking oil on your hands and cuticles, as one user notes: “I loved how lightweight and non-greasy it was. I liked putting it all over my body but also on my hands (I tend to have very dry cuticles). It also seemed to really help the overall texture of my skin. Really enjoyed it,” wrote Hayley P.

Not only will you love applying it, but the long-term effects on the skin are awe-inspiring. “The product was awesome!! I had just started using a different body oil before receiving this one but immediately liked the mbg one better. Makes my skin feel soft and not greasy at all, which I love!” wrote Dylan R.

Throughout the day, you’ll probably notice how soft your skin feels—or you’ll notice that it has more of a glow—but you never notice the oil itself. And that’s thanks to the skin-supporting ingredients that transform the skin barrier.

For example, organic safflower seed oil is rich in fatty acids, and even has data showing that it helps protect skin from collagen loss and other forms of environmental damage. The prickly pear seed oil is full of phytosterols, a nutrient that supports collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid production through the fibroblasts. In addition, it also has the all-star antioxidant vitamin E that protects skin from free radical damage, supports the barrier, and boosts other antioxidants.

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