Pooh Sheasti asks the judge to stop the feds from presenting evidence of past crimes committed when he was 11 years old in the trial (exclusively)

TSR Exclusive: With the federal armed robbery trial of Pooh Shiesty just around the corner, his team is asking at the last minute for a judge to block federal prosecutors from providing evidence of past alleged crimes that occurred when he was a child.

According to documents received from The Shade Room, Pooh Shiesty’s attorneys say the government intends to present evidence against its client solely under Rule 404 (b), which states that evidence of other actions is admissible to show “the possibility, intention, knowledge or lack of error. “

In its statement, the government provided two specific cases: The first was an assault that occurred when Pooh Shiesti was 14 years old, and the second was a robbery that occurred when Pooh was only 11 years old in Sixth grade. His team objects to both.

Also noted in the filing, Pooh’s team said the government plans to introduce at least 16 episodes attributed to the use of firearms by Choppa Gang members to “boost their interest.” The problem with Pooh’s lawyers is that the alleged crimes in question focus primarily on the independent actions of individuals not listed in the indictment, according to the filing.

These actions have no direct connection with Lontrell Williams, except in speculation. The latest incident happened while Lontrel Williams was in custody, “wrote Pooh Schisty’s lawyer.

As previously reported, Pooh Schisty was arrested in June for his alleged involvement in the shooting and robbery of two men in October 2020 in Miami. The federal charges he faces include firing a firearm during a violent crime, conspiracy and robbery under the Hobbes Act.

If convicted, he faces a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

Proponents of Pooh claim that during the October 2020 incident, two-handed drug dealers who are alleged victims of the crime and witnessed the government got out of a vehicle that was parked next to Pooh’s waving firearms, according to the documents.

They added that the incident was filmed by video surveillance and claimed that the two alleged victims had given inaccurate testimony when they were initially interviewed by law enforcement, the documents read.

Federal prosecutors are expected to respond by Thursday, leaving Pooh Schist’s team a day to rebut before Monday’s trial.

We will keep you posted.

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