Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu celebrates Holi with a splash of colors


Back in 2021, the world faced a triumphant furor as Harnaaz Sandhu brought back the crown of Miss Universe to the country.

On the occasion of Holi yesterday, she shared some snippets on social media where she is seen celebrating the Festival of Colors with beaming joy. She also shared a few close-up shots where spots of gulaal on her face enhanced her beauty in the most colorful manner.

She went on to share another video where she is seen narrating the significance of Holi in India and it is truly endearing to see how smoothly she is taking India and its culture all across the globe.

Fans started flooding the comments section in no time with reactions like, ” gorgeous. ” While another user commented, “Happy holi Sherni.” A confession also made its way to the comments section which read, “I love you.” Another user expressed, “She looks so naked moluuu.” Another fan said, “You are beautiful, you deserve to be happy like in this video no matter what.”

Harnaaz Sandhu

Back in time when she had won the title of Miss Universe, she had been asked to share her perspective on her supporters as well as people who don’t share the same opinion, to which she was quoted in an exclusive interaction, “I think everyone who either uplifts you or suppresses you through their comments or anything, they are all supporters according to me, because all are taking out their valuable time, and showcasing their advice or just commenting about something they believe in. And everybody has the right to say what they believe in. And it is just upon me how I want to take those comments and I have the ability to have a positive outlook towards difficult circumstances or maybe comments. And I know what to ignore and what to focus on. , my friends and the whole Miss Diva organization has been so kind, so respectful, and always made me feel stronger and I think that is what really means to me at the end of the day. “

Harnaaz Sandhu returned to India recently and glimpses of her Holi celebrations on social media were an instant hit.


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