Libra & Cancer Compatibility: Love, Friendship & More


Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, which will harmonize beautifully with Cancer’s moon-ruled, ever-changing moods. This makes them feel emotionally secure in a way that they desperately need—Venus prefers to attract, and the moon enjoys reflecting.

Cancer will intuitively make Libra feel wanted, and Libra will find the waxing and waning of Cancer’s vibrations enticing. These two planets both tap into feminine energy, which makes this pair’s exchanges filled with gentleness, sentiment, intuitiveness, and romance.

While there is much loveliness to be shared between them, there will be challenges regarding their shared Cardinal modality, which puts them in a square aspect.

In my book, Sun Signs in Love, I explain that the square aspect happens when you are three signs away from your significant other, which creates a tricky, competitive, and vigorous atmosphere. The feeling of this relationship usually leaves one or both partners requiring more from the other, and they’ll both need to be very conscientious not to unload their negativity on each other and create friction. There is so much to learn from this aspect, but it must be done in a supportive and constructive manner.

While square pairs are faced with a challenging aspect, they also share something that is the same, which is their modality. Modality by definition means, “a particular mode in which something exists or is experienced or expressed.” In Cancer and Libra’s case, they both express themselves in the Cardinal modality.

Cardinal signs are the natural born leaders of the zodiac. They are both self-starters and tend to give out a lot of energy by being assertive and influential. This can have them both wanting to take charge, but the way in which both of them do this is gentle, which can really make this a benefit more than a hindrance.

The trickiest part of combining this pair is their element. Libra is a freedom loving air sign, while Cancer is a deeply concentrated water sign. Air stirs, turns, and can cause waves in the water, but then quickly moves away giving the water no control. When water penetrates the air, it creates moisture and ignites the process of creating rain, which is needed for life and rebirth in which air has no control over.

There is no choice or control over these things occurring in either of the elements, so it is better if water and air signs appreciate each other’s differences and individual energy. This boils down to the fact that there will need to be a lot of understanding and appreciation for one another’s differences, otherwise the lack of the ability to completely blend will be the caveat to this great love story.


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