Latto Says She’s Struggled With Male Artists “Keeping It Business”

When it comes to the differences between male and female rappers, Latto is not biting her tongue. She recently opened up during an interview on Big Boy’s Neighborhood about challenges she’s encountered with male artists not being professional. The Atlanta native didn’t hold back as she added more context to a tweet where she talked about men not wanting to give her clearance for a verse for her upcoming album ‘777.’ “I’m clearing my album right now, and it’s been like difficult to deal with these men. They don’t know how to keep a business. ”

“Imma just keep it 100,” Latto said. “There’s a feature on my album that was difficult to clear and they trynna drop they nuts on me because I won’t respond to a DM.”

Big Latto admitted that she was rubbed the wrong way but said the song will still be on the album. Dream Doll sided with Latto and stepped in to share her own experience in the industry. “Whewwww !!!!! She ain’t tell one lie. I have been saying this for years, but yet they would go jump on a song with another man with no problem, and it won’t be nearly as difficult as what they put us, women, through for clearances and fts, “Dream wrote . “I’m dealing with the same situation with my single.”

The music industry wasn’t all that Latto talked about in her interview. She also gushed about her boyfriend, who she’s been keeping under wraps for a minute now! While she didn’t reveal his name, she explained how he knows when she is lying. However, what stood out the most was her response when questioned, “What was it about him that made you go,‘ I want you to be my boyfriend? ’”

Latto blushed and explained it was his aura because he’s a standup man, and she likes a traditional old-school man. Big Boy tried to ask if her unknown boyfriend was in the industry, but Latto quickly shut it down. As ya’ll know, 21 Savage has been rumored to be her man for quite some time, but Latto isn’t telling. Roommates, what do you think about rappers giving Latto a hard time about her verse?

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