Karen Seville, Jason Lee, Joyner Lucas and Jesse Wu go to the top of the Clubhouse

Oh, Chile! If you haven’t been up to date with tea on this wonderful Saturday night, let’s fill it out because it’s hot! Karen Civil was hit with some shocking allegations over the weekend, and she became the third hottest topic on the Internet after joining a club hall to meet claims.

Thousands rallied to hear the side of Karen’s story after Jesse Waugh claimed Karen used fraudulent practices to get $ 3 million from her, and Joyner Lucas accused Karen of kicking him out of $ 60,000 !! While Karen defended herself against these allegations, she also exchanged words with Jason Lee, eventually admitting that she had hired a hacker to download his Instagram pages back in 2018.

Earlier this week, comedian and personality Jesse Woo turned to social media to call Karen Seville on a current legal issue. During a conversation at the Clubhouse, Karen looked at their problems and said their relationship deteriorated when Jesse accused her of stealing her name in a podcast. Karen claims she didn’t know about her podcast and said she didn’t take the name of her podcast.

Karen also claims that Jesse repeatedly tried to delete her name in public, which led her to take the legal path, starting with a letter of termination and refusal. She continued to handle things legally. Jesse shared documents from their last court battle, and Karen said, “She didn’t win anything. For the slander they rejected, but for the slander it continues. She showed you half the document, it’s much longer than that and will continue because I wasn’t allowed to modify my files to add extra stuff. She won nothing. “

Joyner Lucas set fire to a gram on Saturday afternoon when she called Karen Sibyl for allegedly stealing $ 60,000 from him, which he paid her to provide consulting services for his career. Things got heated when Joyner exploded Karen at the club, claiming she was not being honest about where the money was going. He also said that Karen stopped answering his phone calls and even asked him to stop “disturbing” her while she was on vacation.

In response, Karen claimed that she had distributed the funds Joyner had given her to the right people to help him in his career, citing Joyner being late for an NBA event as a reason for making the allegations. According to Karen, she told Joyner to arrive at the event at a specific time, at which time she claimed that he showed up an hour later and was denied access to the event. Karen said she was on vacation at the time and could not accept Joyner’s call.

Jason joined the conversation to solve a problem he had with Karen in 2018, where he claims that Karen hired a hacker in an attempt to download her company’s Instagram page. Karen admitted that she had done so, and apologized to Jason for her previous actions.

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