Inside the personal relationship between Eminem’s father and daughter and Hailey Jade Matters

“I said your name, but I always tried to hide your face,” he raped in 2017 at Castles, outside Revival, complaining that Haley once had to shoulder one of his luggage just because she was his child.

“This game is crazy / I wanted to declare my love for you, but hell / I never knew it would be like that / if I did, I wouldn’t do it / you didn’t ask for anything from it – item / Now they’re punishing you?” / Things that should have been private with me, and your mother is public. “

That said, Hailey Jade – or one of her nicknames or just her existence – has been involved in almost two dozen songs throughout her career. (Haley, darling, I didn’t want to make you 80 percent of what I raped about, he suggested in In Your Head in 2017)

The flowering of his daughter’s involuntary fame probably came in 2002 thanks to Eminem’s showdueling songs “Hailie’s Song” to eat me alive / But then I see my baby / Suddenly I’m not crazy / It all makes sense when I look her in the eyes “) and” My father went crazy “.

The last of which includes the unforgettable of 6-year-old Hailey “I think my father is gone krey-Zeh! “hook that,” said Eminem Rolling stone in 2004 she came out with.

“If I feel I’m working too hard, I let the kids go up to the studio,” he said, explaining how their collaboration came about. “I’m getting this little guilt trip inside, so I’d ask Kim to just take her and let her hang out in the studio. So I and [Dr.] Dre they worked together, and Hailey ran around the studio and it was like [in a little girl high voice]”Someone please help me!” I think my father went crazy! “

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