How Long It Takes To Improve Muscle Mass When Taking Collagen*

Let’s first discuss how collagen affects your muscles. Collagen is technically not a complete protein because it’s missing tryptophan, one of the nine essential amino acids. Still, it delivers close to 20 unique amino acids and can support muscle mass, particularly when combined with exercise.* (Collagen makes up 1 to 10% of muscles, in fact!)

In one small clinical study, men who took collagen daily while participating in an exercise program gained more muscle mass4 than those who only did the exercise program.*

Now, how long does it take to see these results? Well, the specific time frame for muscles varies, depending on the intended result studied. For enhanced muscle mass from collagen protein (peptides and amino acids), research points to about three months when combined with resistance training.*

For example, one study that focused on perimenopausal women found that the participants experienced a positive impact on body composition and regional muscle strength5; another study conducted in older men also observed benefits for them body composition and muscle mass6; finally, research in recreationally active adult men finds that collagen supplementation supports body composition7 as well as skeletal muscle8—all of these benefits fell within a three-month period.*

Beyond all of that, collagen supplements have also been shown to improve recovery times—and this happens at a much faster rate than the impact on muscle mass and strength.* In fact, for a typical level of muscle soreness after strenuous exercise, one study found that you may see benefits by day two9.*

Let’s repeat that: You may start experiencing improved recovery time two days after starting supplementation.*

Check out our full guide here to see how long it takes for collagen to work for muscles, skin, joint health, and more.*

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