Ella Bands Gives Insight On Writing And Recording Her Feature On A-Boogie’s Song


After a hot minute of music requests from fans, Ella Bands is gearing up to drop a single. As exclusively reported, the influencer will be appearing alongside her bae A-Boogie Wit Da Hoodie in a track titled ‘I Don’t Want To Be A Player.’ About a week before the release, Ella spoke about how the track came to be and her viral lyrics, “I hate your player ways, but I like expensive things.”

Ella On Releasing Music

Ella joined the ‘Young N Lit’ podcast and begin the 38-minute interview with her rise to fame. She explained her local stardom in New York, past dreams of being a teacher, motherhood and even her current work. At one point, Ella even revealed she charges $ 5,000 per Instagram post.

Later in the talk, the focus of the conversation switched to the upcoming single that’s scheduled to drop on March 25. After years of posting music snippets and teasing audiences, Ella is “excited” for the release.

“I’m excited,” Ella said. “I really want to do music. It’s something I wanted to do as a kid, but I feel like since he’s already… I don’t know. I feel like he’s so good at what he does, so it gives me more confidence to make a song with him, which is why I never like put out any of my own music cause I’m not really like confident in it. So it’s like, if he thinks it’s good, then I believe in him. “

Ella also jokingly mentioned that A-Boogie is “kind of annoying” while recording. Apparently, the artist has previously interrupted her recording while at the studio to offer advice on how to improve her audio. Ella revealed that this sometimes causes her to shut down, but that she also understands A-Boogie’s attempt to teach her.

Ella’s Viral Lyrics

Although The Shade Room only published a behind-the-scenes snippet, one of Ella’s lines in the song had folks buzzing online. She sung, “I hate your player ways, but I like expensive things.” Well, Ella clarified that she wrote the viral line. And there’s less to the lyrics than people think.

“To be honest, it was like I didn’t want to think too much about it and that just rhymed, it just flowed with it. I was like ‘whatever,’ but no that’s not true, ”Ella said. “I can buy my own expensive things. That’s one thing I’m not like that type of girl, like I don’t care about that stuff. “

She continued, “… me as a person, I’m very independent. Like I never had anybody do things for me until I got with him. ”

“He’s the first person that just started offering a bunch of stuff to me that I would never expect someone to do for me. Cause he doesn’t have to. Boyfriend or not the things that he has offered to me, I feel like nobody has to do that for me and I still feel that way. So, that’s not true. “

Check out the full interview below:

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