Actress Rose McGowan supports Larry Elder and tells Whites to consider his position on racial issues


Conservative radio host Larry Elder has received approval from actress Rose McGowan as governor of California. The right-wing expert will become a Republican favorite if Gov. Gavin Newsom loses the Sept. 14 draw. Voters will decide whether he will remain in the post he has held since January 2019.

During a press conference on Sunday (September 12th), McGowan, who was open about sexual abuse in Hollywood, said she was no longer a Democrat because anyone who “harassed, harassed and stole” her in Hollywood was a Democrat. .

She then attacked “Obama’s daughter” for an internship for Weinstein in 2017, saying, “They’re all involved.” She was obviously referring to Little Obama, who was a short intern for Weinstein.

But after Elder’s comments, which attacked Barack Obama himself for “playing the race card,” as well as critical racial theory and reparations, McGowan seemed to defend the elder.

“People will deny that mostly white people who work in the media will deny what they just said,” McGowan said, following an elder. “But find out who he comes from and that he may just know more than you, living in a different skin.”

She then compares this to her experience in Portland, Me., Which she describes as “the whitest city I’ve ever been to” with a Nigerian friend trained in Oxford who saw a large number of Black Lives Matter characters in the city. . When she asked him how she felt about them, she said he told her with tears, “It’s not good.”

“People have different views on what Larry Elder just said,” she continued. “But I’m going to ask white citizens … to think that maybe he had a different experience than you in this world, and that maybe instead of reacting mentally with violence, think it’s a different experience.”

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McGowan also claims that she called Larry Elder’s show with a fake name because she “learned” from him. McGowan admitted to living in the United States and revealed: “I live in Mexico, I live in the jungle.”

The former Fascinated The actress also said in her approval as an elder: “They want to hear that the more we label each other, the better we will be. The reality is that today I challenge this state, I challenge these voters, I challenge the media to do backup. Be people first, vote for humanity. “


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