4 gluten bridge exercises ► Your next butt workout

Gluten-free bridges are one of the fastest, the easiest and most effective exercises for the ass you can do! Include these four exercises for the buttocks in your next butt workout. They are easy to make at home, during lunch break or even when you only need a few minutes for yourself.

The the benefits of gluten-free bridges don’t stop at a bigger and tighter ass. Strong buttock muscles remove pressure from the lower back, are essential for proper posture and will help you run healthy and strong!!

Then you will learn what your glutes are, what they do and why they are important.

Everything for your glutes

Your glutes are a group of muscles made up of your gluteus maximus (the largest muscle in the group), gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. The pits are responsible for the mobility of the hip joint and the expansion of the knee through the iliotibial tract (IT band).

Frequent injuries and pain associated with your pits

Prolonged sitting (for example, at a desk) can lead to weakening of the gluteal muscles. Atrophy of the gluteus muscles can cause pain in the lower back, pain when climbing stairs or pain during sitting and standing movements. Weak glutes can also lead to common injuries when running like plantar fasciitis[1], IT tape syndrome or tendinopathy of the tendon[2].

Strong glutes are crucial for athletic performance, e.g.running in a special way[3]. Yours glutes increase your ability to move during a step. Healthy glutes are not just about looks!

Now that you understand the importance of strengthening your glutes, try four of the best exercises for your buttocks:

A classic exercise for a bridge with gluten

The traditional gluten bridge is a glute isolation exercise for athletes of all levels. Focus on squeezing your glutes together as you push your thighs up. The gluten bridge will wake up your buttocks after a long sitting.

Instructions: Try 3 sets of 10 reps with a minute rest between each set.

Variation of a bridge with one leg

Once you’re done, make the classic gluten bridge harder to keep making! The gluteus bridge with one leg is another excellent exercise for isolating the buttocks. This gluten exercise helps to correct the muscle imbalance between the left and right side, as you work each leg separately. This is more difficult than the classic gluten bridge. It may hurt to try this one for the first time, so it’s easier!

Instructions: Start with 3 sets of 8 reps and rest for one minute between sets. Perform your way up to 15 reps, adding 1 repetition to each workout.

Exercise for a bridge with cancerous glutes

The gluten crab bridge is a variant of the gluten bridge. It helps to stretch tight shoulders and flexors of the hip joint, while strengthening and waking the gluteal muscles. This is another quick and great gluten bridge exercise that you can do right next to your desk or almost anywhere!

Instructions: Try 3 sets of 10 reps with one minute rest between each set.

A variant of a bridge with shoulders with one leg

Are you ready for an even more difficult variation of gluten? The gluteus bridge with one leg activates the muscles of the buttocks even more than the powerful gluteus bridge of crabs above. This option is also a great exercise for isolating the seat, as it focuses on only one seat of movement. Take a break in the stand and try!

Instructions: Start with 3 sets of 8 reps each and a minute break between each set. Perform your way up to 15 reps, adding 1 repetition to each workout.

Need more exercise for your next ass workout?

Remember that many basic exercises are also great for butt workouts. Combine these 10 great exercises for ab and core with the above exercises for the buttocks to build a functional fitness for the whole body!

You can also use resistance bands to do intensive training with prey!!

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