4 best electric scooters (2022): affordable, long, fast

We try to test electric scooters for two to three months, often even longer. Not all of them are winners. This is what you will find below – electronic scooters that we usually like, but not as much as our chosen ones above. They all have one (or more) thing that stops them from taking first place above.

Apollo Air Pro for $ 699: Apollo Air Pro costs $ 799, but always sells for $ 699, so make sure you don’t pay more than that. For a while, I split my time between the Air Pro and the Segway F30 – I finally gravitated towards the latter. Of course, the Apollo is a little faster than the Segway, but both of them lasted approximately 10 miles on a single charge. The Segway just felt more sophisticated overall and more reliable. I say this in part because my time with Apollo was shortened when the front tire burst. The company sent me a spare tire, but the screws were screwed so tightly on the wheel that the task was almost impossible. I finally took him to the store.

Levy Plus for $ 749: My fellow WIRED reviewer, Adrienne So, tested a prototype of the Levy Plus in 2020 and liked its removable battery and reliable disc brakes, but found that the whole thing was “agonizing slow in hilly terrain.” It reaches 18 mph and is estimated at 5 to 10 percent inclines, so it’s best for flat roads. This is one of the lighter electronic scooters on the market, weighing just 30 pounds.

Unagi Model One for $ 990: Unagi uniquely gives you two ways to own your e-scooter: You can buy it directly for $ 990 or subscribe to rent it for $ 49 a month. Its specifications have been slightly updated since we last reviewed it, but good news – the company recently released the Model Eleven of Indiegogo, which is expected to be delivered in June. We’ll be testing it at this time, so we recommend stopping with the Model One.

EcoReco L5 + for $ 849: This is the first electric scooter I have tried. It’s getting a little old, but it’s a solid upgrade. The suspension allows for a smooth ride, the tall stem means an easily accessible handlebar, and the wide leg deck allows me to place my two sizes – 13 feet next to each other. You can fold it, but at 38 pounds it’s not as easy to carry as our two best choices. It can travel a little over 22 miles per hour and lasts me about 16 miles on a single charge. My biggest concern is that EcoReco doesn’t seem to have been active on its social channels in the last year (and hasn’t responded to my emails).

Yadea KS5 Pro for $ 800: Initially I liked the Yadea KS5 Pro. It has a top speed of 22 mph thanks to the 500-watt motor. It weighs 46 pounds, which is heavy, but not as much as other models like the Apollo Ghost. Unfortunately, the claims about the company’s range are extremely inaccurate. This thing lasts me approximately 10 or 12 miles on a charge, no 37. The experience with the app is also a lot clumsy – the firmware refused to be updated – and over time I ran into a problem where the engine sometimes starts while stopping at a traffic light. Hmm.

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